Equipment Required

Equipment Required

Batting Helmet – Players must have their own batting helmet. Chinstraps are mandatory on the batting helmet.

Face Masks – Face masks/guards on the helmets are mandatory for all players squirt level and above. If you already have a helmet, you can buy the face mask/guard separately and attach it.

Gloves – Each player must have their own glove.

Glove Sizes:
Mite and below: 9” to 10”
Squirt: 10” to 12” (bigger girls should use 12”)
Novice and above 12” to 13”

Uniforms – We provide all players with a ball cap and jersey which must be worn at all games. Players are asked to wear black athletic shorts to accompany the team jersey provided.  Players may wear any comfortable outfit at practices.

Shoes– Proper running shoes with good support/tread. Many players choose to wear baseball/softball shoes with plastic/rubber cleats for extra traction, but this is not mandatory. No metal cleats are allowed.

Extra Equipment for Practice
If you would like to purchase additional equipment for practice. The following are guidelines for you to work with.
Age / Bat length
5-7 years old 24″-26″
8-9 years old 26″-28″
10 years old 28″-29″
11-12 years old 30″-31″
13-14 years old 31″-32″
15-16 years old 32″-33″
17+ years old 34″

All bats need to have a stamp indicated below to use in games.

ISF 2005 ASA 2000 ASA 2004

Bat Weight
Bigger, stronger players prefer a heavier bat since they get the benefits of both the heft and swing power. Smaller players with less strength should consider a lighter bat to generate a quicker swing ·. Younger players, too, should consider that a lighter bat increases control, great for singles hitters, while also reducing the risk of injury.

Softball Sizes
Fast pitch 10-12 years old and under the pitching distance is 35 feet and they use an 11-inch ball however for girls 16, 18 years old and under the pitching distance is 40 feet and they use a 12-inch ball. The base distance for all girls’ fast pitch age groups (10,12,16,18U) is 60 feet.


Not Allowed

No jewelry may be worn (i.e. rings, ear rings, bracelets etc.). Medical alert bracelets are exempt.

No cellphones, iPods or other electronics or technology to be present / used in the dugout during game time

Face Masks

Face masks are mandatory for all players, squirt level and up. You can purchase a helmet with a face mask, or you can add a face mask to your existing helmet. There are different types of face masks available at many retailers and online.

Where to Buy Equipment

You can purchase softball equipment at many retail and online stores, including the following local retailers:

Click on the links below to explore your options.

Corbett’s – * BASA players receive a 10% discount at Corbett’s
Al’s Source For Sports
Play It Again Sports Burlington
Home Run Sports
National Sports
Canadian Tire